The Arboretum Database is a Windows program that enables accurate recording of plants in an arboretum. The program allows you to save many features of the plants, including a history of inspections, identification of National Collections and more.

The program has evolved over a number of years with design and functionality being suggested and tested by a respected arboriculturist, Rhod Taylor, and has been used to record the plants at The Quinta Arboretum since 2002.


 The key features of the program can be viewed on the screenshots page. The setup for ArboretumDB can be downloaded for evaluation (A sample database is included).

More Information

A simple two page brochure is available from the Download page. For more information about the ArboretumDB program please use the information on the Contact page. If the program doesn't quite fulfil your needs please contact us so we can see if we can accommodate your needs.