ArboretumDB Pear Box WhiteDownloads

Download ArboretumDB Setup version 5.0.14 (23 April 2018)

Download ArboretumDB Interface Setup version 5.0.4 (25 April 2018)

Please note that the ArboretumDB program is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Pear Technology.



ArboretumDB Brochures

The ArboretumDB Brochure.

The ArboretumDB Interface Brochure.


The ArboretumDB program requires a Registration Key to be purchased if used beyond evaluation.

The following features are limited in the unregistered state:

  1. New databases can only contain up to fifty plants.
  2. A relatively limited number of plants can be added to, and removed from, the sample database.
  3. The deletion of full blocks of plants is not available.
  4. The Registered Name will be "Demonstration Arboretum" and can't be changed.
  5. The Tag Line printed on reports can not be changed.
  6. Each screen will have a label, indicating the unregistered status.
  7. The integration with PT-MapLink is not enabled.
  8. The optional interface program is not enabled.


Otherwise the product is fully functional for evaluation.

The unregistered version of this product is solely intended for you to try the product before purchase. The use of the unregistered version for any purpose other than evaluation is strictly prohibited.